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Laparoscopic surgery

The first edition of the Atlas of laparoscopic surgery were published when minimally invasive surgery was still a new concept for the general surgeons. The publication was conceived as a cognitive guide for surgeons who are trying to learn something new. However, minimally invasive surgery - is a fast growing branch of medicine, and soon the new methods and tools become available for most surgeons. Over time, the atlas has also been enhanced. In order to reflect the progress in this area has occurred since the last publication of the third edition of the Atlas of laparoscopic surgery has undergone a thorough revision. All chapters describe advanced surgical methods with a lot of new technologies, which are detailed in the first chapter of this publication ( "laparoscopic tools and basic techniques"). The atlas also includes a sufficient amount of intraoperative photographs are complemented to excellent, as was historically illustration.
The publication was added chapters on bariatric surgery, minimally invasive esophageal resection, donor nephrectomy, the liver resection surgery and potszheludochnoy gland. Subsequent innovations in technology, and operational in the field of minimally invasive surgery are endoluminal surgical technique (endoluminal surgical techniques) and operations conducted through natural orifices (natural oripce swgcry), which we have also devoted a chapter publication. The book covers not only the minimum invazivchye surgery in gastrointestinal surgery, but also in gynecology, urology, thoracic surgery, in order to expand the knowledge base of well-trained general surgeon.
Laparoscopy - this type of operation, in which the layers do not need to dissect the anterior abdominal wall. The doctor inserts instruments through a small hole into which a diameter of not more than five millimeters. The whole process is controlled by a built-in video camera that transmits images to a monitor visually. It is necessary to use high-tech medical equipment and highly qualified personnel. One of the proven gynecology departments performing laparoscopy is located in Kaluga (ginekologia-kaluga.ru site).
This book is written for all physicians interested in minimally invasive surgery, regardless of skill level. It will also serve as a source of new knowledge for the nursing staff, medical students, as well as for practicing surgeons. We publish the third edition of the atlas with great hope that we were able to talk about the best techniques of minimally invazivnoi surgeons 2007 We hope that readers will enjoy reading this atlas and will be able to use it to improve their surgical technique.

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