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The site is created for doctors. Some presented materials, illustrations, videoclips have especially professional character and are not calculated for the general users. Administration Surgerycom


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clinical symptoms and syndromes

Infusion therapy at children's age

Common Sense Emergency Abdominal Surgery

Connection of fabrics in surgery

Syndromes of critical conditions

Acceptance decisions in intensive therapy

Здравый смысл в неотложной абдоминальной хирургии

Здравый смысл в неотложной абдоминальной хирургии

Синдромы критических состояний

Принятие рещения в интенсивной терапии

The directory of surgical operations

It is a surprise! Too Soon!

Expensive colleagues and admirers of our programs! The Directory of surgical operations will soon be published! It is necessary to wait not long, visit our site! Yours faithfully Surgerycom.

Clinical symptoms and Syndromes


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  Medical site, On which you are, it is electronic medical library, Here you can receive any information on medicine: to download Medical books, managements, directories, atlases, abstracts, Dissertations, articles, as to download medical programs, Computer medical programs which have received big Popularity recently.

The medical literature, Which is collected on a site, it not only the scanned books, and Something other and is more qualitative, at project creation, we Were guided not only that it is necessary to give to doctors, Any information which they search, but also in what qualitative A kind all it will be presented.

 Many popular books On the medicine, especially fundamental managements, after long And persistent empirical work, considering wishes of colleagues, with Time have turned to computer medical programs, The medical literature which so is necessary for the expert, it One, but quite another matter the computer program on medicine, in Two words, is a speed of information search, degree increase Faultlessness in work with the patient, ordering of the data, The given reason self-confidence and the ideal adviser, which Always nearby. The library of medical books Replenishes every day, we try to give to the reader wide A spectrum of the medical literature

Besides here you will find: medical recommendations and Workings out, dissertations, the big archive of photos, roentgenograms, usg-gramms, computer tomograms, video. Medical catalogues, The Catalogue of medical sites, medical databases, medical Magazines, the library Internet, the Catalogue of medical institutions, Medical labour exchanges, section for entertainment and rest of doctors “Have a rest the doctor”. The material collected on a site will be useful and Is interesting to doctors of all profiles and students of medical high schools.

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