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Traumatology and Reconstructive Surgery Cranio-Maxillo-facial region 1999

The guide highlights the issues of history Cranio-Maxillo -Facial Surgery , clinics, diagnosis, treatment of fractures of the jaw and cheek bones in adults and children, especially highlighted fractures in elderly and senile age.
Methods of restorative and reconstructive surgery of congenital and acquired defects, deformities of the face and jaws ( nonunion fragments lip and palate, facial paralysis, fistula of salivary glands and their ducts, contractures mandibular ankylosis of temporomandibular joint, mandibular defects, developmental abnormalities of the jaws etc.), a description of the feeding habits of the victims and patients operated on in a planned manner.
For traumatic maxillofacial surgeons, medical students subordinators institutions dental interns and students of institutions (faculties) Advanced Medical Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education).

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